We have a broad interest in infectious disease. Currently the Lab has multiple active projects, mostly in collaboration with different research groups across US.

Non-coding RNA and immunity: immunity related long non-coding RNAs and epigenetic changes, using integrative approaches including custom RNA-seq analysis and CRISPR/Cas9 based library screen.

Microbiome and host immunity: the impact of microbiome on host immunity like SIV vaccine efficacy in macaques. We are interested in novel approaches that can go deeper than standard 16S based sequencing and examine microbiome functional activities.

Complex immune genes: the genetics and transcriptional regulation of complex immune genes such as macaque MHC and KIR genes and Fc gamma receptors in human and macaque. Our group is tackling this complexity with the development of new computational methods combined with different sequencing technologies like PacBio’s long reads.

Collaborative research: we are actively engaged in developing collaborative research in different infectious disease areas like influenza infection and vaccine development and antimicrobial resistance.

Funding: Our research is supported by National Institutes of Health and NC State College of Veterinary Medicine.