Join Us

If you are interested in computation, statistics, genomics, infectious disease, immunology, please consider joining us!

(Also check out Family Resources and Activities at NC State and the Wiki for “The Triangle”)

We are recruiting for the following research positions:

  • PhD student position #1 (a related graduate program, 1 student): investigate the impact of genetic variations on human NK cell and monocyte functions and the mechanisms using both high-throughput and molecular experimental approaches.
  • PhD student position #2 (Bioinformatics program, 2 students): computational analysis and method development for single cell and microbiome deep sequencing data.
  • Postdoctoral Scholar: development of deep learning methods for large scale genomic data analysis. Please apply here:

If interested, please send your cover letter, curriculum vitae (CV), transcript and personal statement (graduate student) or research statement (Postdoctoral Scholar) to the email

Graduate student

Depending on your background and interests, we can accept graduate students from the following graduate programs:

Note: Our graduate admissions are managed by independent committees. PhD students will do rotations (usually three) in the first year to choose a lab for dissertation research. 

Postdoctoral Scholar and Research Staff

  • Please send your cover letter, curriculum vitae (CV), research statement, and contact information for three references to the email

Undergraduate student

  • We strive to provide undergraduate research experience with rigor. Based on our experience, productive undergraduate research experience typically lasts about three consecutive semesters, roughly three times a week and three hours each time in the lab. Please plan your class schedule carefully and consider the commute to the CVM campus as well.
  • If you are interested in laboratory research, we strongly recommend that you can take BIT core class (410) or equivalent first. BIT 410/510:
  • If you are interested in computational research, we expect you have basic programming skills and know how to work with the Linux/Unix environment.
  • Please email Dr. Peng ( your research interests, resume, transcript, and class schedule to arrange an in-person discussion.
  • Also please check out CMI Undergraduate Program, CVM Undergraduate Research Program, OUR Research Assistant Program.

Summer internship

  • If you are not on campus and are considering our graduate programs, we can provide limited summer internships, in person or remote. This will be arranged on a case-by-case basis.
  • Please email Dr. Peng ( your research statement, resume, and transcripts to schedule an initial discussion.